Saturday, January 18, 2020


My how time fly's...its was 2017 that I last posted anything on this blog. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, life changing events, community disasters, and other duties that have taken me away from here.....and trips to Mexico.
I was just talking to Ed Capps (Missionary to Mexico) recently, and we were discussing all aspects of Guachochi, the school, the ranch and how the drug cartels are such a force there now! It has been 4 years since Ed and Debby have been able to travel to the 'Ranch', because of the danger from the drug cartels.
Regardless of my inability to travel with a missions team, to help out at the school in Guachochi,  there has been much activity with building projects that have progressed there. Exciting to see how the school has expanded and the important presence that it has become to the children, families, community and the town of Guachochi.

Friday, March 24, 2017

I have now had a few days to 'regroup', since getting home, but I'm not sure if I have really accomplished much. There is always plenty to catch up with upon returning.....I check one item at a time, and cross it off the list. :)
The Capps returned to Mexico on Monday the 20th, with a group from New Mexico, who are busy raising the walls on the newest school building.This is the same building the workers poured the cement on while we were there.
 Picture of us eating at curb side restaurant, just recently opened up by Roberto. He is a mover and shaker in the local Church, and his wife is the secretary at the Church and school.

 Here is a picture of the Chemistry Lab, as the workers were preparing the footings, I had pictures on a previous post of the block walls being layed up.

 This is the new bathrooms, that were also partially completed before our group arrived.

This is the initial groundwork on the new classrooms; with the walls being framed by the New Mexico group this week.

Chemistry building

Chemistry building and the new classrooms in the background. Some cement blocks are barely visible on the right side. These have been provided by a local hardware/supply business at no charge. Most all of the finances for these projects come from Churches, 'state-side' (USA), so it is awesome that the people of Guachochi are recognizing the value in the School.

Ed told us, that of the three major schools in Guachochi, this school rated #1 in town....Impressive!! We were also informed by Pastor/School Superintendent, Antonio, that the equivalent of our State Superintendent of Public Instruction, from Chihuahua City, wanted to come see the school at Easter....not to critique or observe, but to join a work team.....Now that is even more impressive!! Antonio and his fantastic work, directing the school, is apparantly turning some heads.

This  young man lives in the apartment below the Capps, is a professional jockey, school bus driver, and a creator of these masterpieces. He made a creation for Tel's birthday too.

Had to include these pics too.
Every year there is a prestigious race to the bottom of the canyon and back to Guachochi. Last year a 45yr old Tarahumara Indian won the race, and his 18 yr old came in close behind him. This has to be one of the most grueling foot races in the world.....I'm sure you can Google it, and get the facts.
All for now, I'll post some more pictures and updates as I get some from the Capps.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tell and Rick are preparing the metal for the roof of new building that will be used for school office.

This is the inside of the school office, Steve will install the wiring.

Cattrina has prepared lunch along with Debby and Chloe's help.
Needless to say, we are eating well!
 This is the school office as we drive in on the property,.
 Rick and Tel have the roof on in a few hours.....great work guys!

Pastor Antonio used to be active in the sheet metal business, so helps us get started right for the siding.

School office faces the courtyard of the class rooms.

Candice Rose has her English class, and for a couple days, Chloe  has been her assistant. What a joy that emulates from the room during class.
Our tools are stored in the back of the room, so we have plenty of opportunity to observe as we are in and out of the classroom during the day.

 Siding is installed on the office.

Ed Capps is always on the go, usually out and about Guachochi, gathering materials and supplies for us. When he is back on the school grounds he is helping us wherever needed.

This a the new Chemistry lab building going up with some local contractors doing the work. Two more teams are following us in the next two weeks, so this building will get a roof installed then.

Much of the cement is mixed by hand, but another classroom addition is ready for the floor to be poured with cement, so this mixer is to be used. It still requires a lot of man power, as the water, sand, rock, and cement is shoveled in by hand, then carried to the floor in a wheelbarrow.

Tell and Rick provided all the construction workers with a Coke......very much appreciated by the workers!

Tell is celebrating his 21st birthday here in Mexico.

Tell  had a birthday cake at lunch, then got a special song at wednesday night church, and then another special supper at the Capps after church.

Here is the new classroom being built, all the cement work is done by hand, very labor intensive. Joel is the contractor, and is also a missionary sent out by the local Church here that was pioneered by the Capps.

The office should be roofed, sided, wired, and insulation installed by noon on Thursday.
Well done team!!!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

I finally have a minute to give an update.....
We arrived at the Capps home in Guachochi, a little after 4 PM on Sunday. Unloaded our gear and then ate a quick bowl of soup that had been prepared earlier for our arrival. We all quickly changed clothes, and then headed to the evening church service. Several people that Chloe and I have come to know over the years greeted us, and of course Candice and Josh Rose are like family, so it was great to see them. When we got back from Church we had another bowl of soup, and then, needless to say, it did not take long to head towards bed. Rick, Tell and I all accused each other of snoring.......then at breakfast Debby said Ed had kept her awake for the same reason.
Today it took us awhile to get started at the school, unloading tools, looking the place over, and figuring out just exactly what to do.
Chloe was helping Debby all day, and they brought us lunch. That was a treat and a good break.
Rick and Tell attacked the roof and got it covered with tin, while I drew out a electrical plan mounted boxes and then pulled all the wire. By 5:00 we were all bushed and ready to call this first day done!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

We have made it to El Paso, and after 12 hrs of traveling and then another 6 hrs of visiting, we all went to bed.  :)
It's 6AM now, all is quiet, and I reflect back on our travels yesterday. With all those miles we saw a lot of nothing.......but then again, by looking beyond our perception of what we want to see, there was beauty in the different landscape of the desert. The flatland, hills and mountains were full of color (mostly browns and gray shades with a touch of yellows and green. Chloe was driving our last leg, and started seeing 'road runner' birds, so we were all waiting to see Wiley Coyote at anytime!
Only one close call while driving, when someone came over a hill passing a truck and car. They saw us, and went to the ditch on our right. No where for us to avoid a possible head on, from the right or left, so Tell held course, and both vehicles shot by on either side of us. Thankfully the 'passer' kept his vehicle up right, got back on the road, and we all continued on.
Today we will be in El Paso to purchase tools and material and finish loading the van. There are numerous sacks of clothing and some toys we will go thru, and then pack those in extra suitcases to cross the border, otherwise a 'duty tax' is imposed on all the donated items.
For those still facing cold weather and snow, it was 84° when we arrived here yesterday.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Well followers, I'm finally back to bring you some new post as we begin another trip to Mexico.
Rick McCabe and myself left Gillette, Thursday afternoon at 3:00, drove to Cheyenne and met Tell West (came over from college, UW @ Laramie). Traveled on to the Blum's (Judi, my middle daughter) in Ft Collins for supper around 7:30, and there met up with Chloe Haas (Casper College and my granddaughter). Spent the night at our gracious host Laurel Bond home (Laurel would like to have joined us on this trip, but teaching duties kept her a home). We were all up at 5:00 AM and on the road at 6:00 enroute to El Paso ( actually Chaparral, NM which is just North of the city). There we will meet and stay with our missionaries, Ed & Debby Capps, until we cross into Mexico Sunday morning.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Well, I am full of apologies, to all that follow this blog. I have been very negligent in posting, so please accept my sincere apology. This past year, my granddaughter Chloe graduated from High School (at the same time we normally go to Guachochi with the CHA group), we did not get to join the group. In the meantime, Ed and Debby continue their ministry, and we stay in touch as often as possible.
I had thought about a 'end of year' trip, after Christmas and over the New Year, but the Capps have decided to be State side during that time, to spend time with their daughter Karie and family. Ed thought  anytime after that may work for a team. I have not checked with all the schools, but plans are being discussed to make a team trip, sometime in the March 11th -19th time frame.
I will post more as plans formulate.
Steve B